Ben Humphreys ベン・ハンフリス

Ben Small

Hello, I'm a game programmer living in Paris, France.

I'm a generalist, with a decent chunk of experience in C++, C#, CG, Ruby, Perl and Lua. I can also whip stuff up in Photoshop.

I'm currently working on Monster Boy at The Game Atelier.

If you're looking for a programmer or writer, send me a message.

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Stuff I've worked on both commercially and as hobby projects.

Monster Boy

Gameplay Programmer

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is a HD side-scrolling action adventure game written in C++ that I'm working on at Game Atelier.

In a small team, I'm working alongside the lead programmer as a gameplay programmer to create a variety of systems:

  • I'm responsible for most enemy behaviours, making them react to the player in challenging and interesting ways.
  • I added Lua scripting to the existing engine to allow designers to create triggers and quests.
  • The game is still in development so my responsibilities are growing, I'll add more here as they come up!



Nova-111 is a sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with a twist of real-time action! Fighting aliens in space for Science!

I was contracted by Funktronic Labs to write the overall story and dialogue for the player's witty British companion and others. I played through each level and placed dialogue triggers for lines to edify and entertain the player.


UI & Tool Programmer

IA/VT is a rhythm game written in C# and Unity3D that I worked on at Opus Studio.

There were only three full-time programmers including myself, so I had some varied responsibilities:

  • I created the music video director system that showed the character, animations and special effects behind the rhythm game. I created a workflow that allowed artists to set up timelines of camera changes, full-screen effects, character animations and special effects.

  • As part of the music video system, I wrote CG shaders to implement the concepts created by artists.
  • The main character had a large number of outfits and animations, I created the system to split them up, load them quickly and asynchronously with the Vita's limited resources.
  • I also created the majority of the main menu system and skinnable in-game UI.


Designer, Writer

Naovatar is a robot-based interactive story game that I created with Angelica Lim, in a weekend for Global Game Jam '13.

Like a mix between a text-based adventure and an audio book, the robot NAO describes his surroundings in the imagined world using speech, sound and gestures, making players imagine the world.

Players interact with the game using speech and touch to direct NAO through the story and solve puzzles.

Read more about development →

Home run

Programmer, Designer

Home Run is a 4-player button-mashing party game that I made with some friends, for the TIGSource Sports competition.

Choose from salarymen, salarywomen, sumo and full English breakfast, then sprint along the platform to catch your train before the doors close!

Written in Lua and Löve in just under a month, it was so much fun to make.

Read more about the development process →


Boco was a Mayan-themed iOS puzzle game I made with a friend. It was the first game I ever published!

I did initial programming and prototyping, but ended up spending most of my time on graphics. Yay for programmer art!

Other stuff

I made KDict, a Korean dictionary anyone can edit. It uses node.js and MongoDB. It's unreleased and unlikely to be so in the future but the source is available on Github.

A tool for learning Korean numbering and counters called Kount.

Back in the day I made a Ruby gem for the World of Warcraft Armory, it even has a silly web-2.0 name, Wowr.





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株式会社オーパスで働いた間、「IA/VT」のPlayStation Vitaリズムゲームプロジェクトに参加しました。C#とUnity3Dで開発しました。チームが小さかったため、様々なシステムを開発し担当しました:

  • リズムゲームの後ろに表示されるPV演出システム開発しました。アーティストのために、キャラとステージアニメーションフルスクリーンエフェクトそしてパーティクルエフェクト秒数で指定できるシステムを開発しました。
  • アーティストが作ったコンセプトアートを利用して、CGシェーダーでエフェクトを実現しました。
  • キャラの多数アニメーション衣装asyncで早く読み込むシステムを実装しました。
  • メニュープレイ中UIも実装しました。

Naovatar(ナオバター)はロボットで楽しむ対話型ストーリーゲームGlobal Game Jam '13で週末で作りました。



開発について (英) →




開発について色々書きました (英) →


最初はプロトタイプの作成を担当していましたが、最後はグラフィックを担当していました。Programmer art!



韓国語助数詞 トレーニングツールKountも開発しました。

大昔にWorld of WarcraftのためのRuby gemを開発しました。Wowrと言います。